AIP Online Surveys profile update campaign June 2013

Thank you very much for your continuous support for AIP ONLINE SURVEYS.

We regularly request all our members to update their registered information in order to keep the profile information up to date and relevant.
The campaign will start on 06/03/2013

Please kindly access AIP Online Surveys site, and log in to your account by using the registered Email address and password.

After logging in, the profile update page will be displayed.
You must complete the 2 below steps before you can access your [My Page] and join surveys again.

1. Please check and update your registered information such as Income, Address, Employment status or Education level.
Then click the orange button at bottom of the page.
2. A confirmation page will be displayed, if everything is correct please click the orange button at bottom of the page and you will be redirected to your [My Page].

If any error is detected in your registered information, a red message will be displayed in front of the field that needs to be corrected, please read carefully the instructions and update your information.
However, members are not allowed to change some information by themselves such as "Date of birth" and "Gender". If you made any mistake when you first registered these profiles, please contact us with the correct information and we will update for you.
Please understand that these profiles are the most important information and must be correct.

Also, please know that you'll have a better chance of receiving surveys if you update your "Detailed Profile" frequently.

In order to update your "Detailed Profile", please login and click on the menu "Detailed Info Update".
Click on each of the 4 profile categories to update them.

Please make sure to update all 4 profile categories below:
1. Travel
2. Entertainment
3. Financial services
4. Health care

Please understand that the correctness of our members' profile information and survey answers are very important for the quality and results of studies conducted by AIP Online Surveys.
Profile information and survey answers are regularly checked and compared; if there is any inconsistency between registered Profile and survey answers, the survey results cannot be used. In that case, according to our member agreement AIP also have no choice but to stop sending surveys. Or in serious case, terminate membership.

Please kindly make sure to carefully read and update your profile information.
Thank you for your kind cooperation. We hope to receive your valuable opinions in our future surveys.

AIP Online Surveys