[Important] Warning about Phishing Email


Dear AOS members,

Thank you so much for your cooperation with AOS!

Recently we are reported about phishing emails with attachment files pretending to be from Rakuten AIP.

* Phishing is a common Internet scam where a perpetrator sends out official looking emails that appear to come from the Internet's biggest Websites in an attempt to gather personal financial information from the recipient or in order to spread a computer virus.

Rakuten AIP will use below email addresses when we contact with you.
*Rakuten AIP will not attach files in the email from us.
*When we need to contact with you through other contact addresses than above, we will inform email address in advance.

There is no report of damage by these phishing emails, but if you receive emails from suspicious address other than above cases, please kindly report to us through below.


Thank you for your kind understanding.

AIP Online Surveys member support