[Attention] Paypal FAQ


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The most frequently asked questions have been listed for your convenience.

Before you contact us, please have a look to see if they answer your queries.


Q1.   I have made a redemption to my Paypal but until now I did not receivethe payment.

          When can i receive my epoint redemption for paypal?

   A   Paypal will be paid during the 20th and last day of the following month after receiving your request.


Q2.   Please tell me how to redeem the point to Paypal.

        Paypal account must be needed ?

   A   To redeem your EPoints, please login to your account and then go to menu "Redeem EPoints"

         on the upper right hand side. 

         If you don't have paypal account, you cannot receive Paypal payment.

         Please register from this link.


         *Your account must match your registered E-mail address. 


Q3.    How many point can be exchanged to Paypal ?

   A    You need at least 2500 EPoints in order to make the redemption.


Q4.   Is are there charges or miscellaneous fees when redeeming via Paypal?

   A   There are no charges or miscellaneous fees.


Q5.   How can I change the PayPal to Sodexo Premium Pass?

   A    Once you have selected a Redemption Method, it cannot be changed or cancelled.


Q6.   Will there be any email to inform me on point redemption?

   A    After the payment was completed, Paypal will send you e-mail to let you know that the procedures have been completed.


Q7.  I'm using a different e-mail address for my paypal account

   A    Your Paypal account must match your registered E-mail address.

         If you want to change your reigistered e-mail adrress, please update your e-mail address from "Change E-mail Address" menu on my page.



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